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Dear Valuable Customers,

LAUNDBEE LAUNDRY does not only provide general retail customer, but also provide corporate Liaison that handle businessess such as Hotel, Massage and Spa, Employee Uniform, Banquet, Bridal and Boutique. for provide those kind item, we need provide high quality laundry system, and high competence crew.

Laundbee Features are:

1. we impose a warranty on the delivery time based on the Service Level Agreement that we offer.

2. Our current production capability is 5 tons per hour with 30% occupancy (current and running) and limited to 80% maximum laundry occupancy will guarantee the quality of laundry production

3. RFID technology (recording the number of cycles / pcs of linen) that can help you calculate linen depreciation based on the number of laundry cycles [future development]

4. 3 (three) types of chemicals in 1 time pouring (alkali, builder & clorine bleach) for washing leaks ( non-maintenance items) .

5. the number of transfers is up to 2 times a day (for level 2 par)*


Corporate & membership Laundry

Guest and Uniform Laundry
Start from Rp 50k/Pcs

  • handling with handy treatment.
  • using vapour technology for several item.
  • dry cleaning method
  • Eco Friendly Chemical (non PCE)
  • 1 day service
  • Video Tagging features

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Sheets, Bedding, and Towel
Start For Rp 900/pcs

  • Use 3 Kind Chemical (Builder, Alkali, Chlorine Bleach) for Regular Cycle (non Treatment)
  • guarantee for stain removal
  • 2 times delivery/day for 2 par level linen
  • 5 Ton Laundry capacity / day

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Membership Deposit
Start from Rp 250k/month

  • Monthly deposit from Rp 250k / Month
  • help control your laundry expenses
  • every member category have different price
  • save more than 10% per category
  • more benefit with many discount promo


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